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Improving your IT resilience and disaster recovery capability during the Christmas Period

Already panicking at everything you need to do this Christmas? Or dreading the inevitable family rows?

You know the feeling. You walk into the supermarket and they have an aisle dedicated to mince pies. Or the John Lewis Holiday Season advert is showing on the BBC news. And your heart sinks.

§ You get flashbacks of the overcooked turkey, the undercooked sprouts, uncle Charlie spilling red wine on your new armchair (the stain is still there if you look closely) and the favourite toy breaking by the time the Queen’s speech is over.

Then on Christmas day, you received a call from your Office to inform you that all your IT system are down and you are wondering how on earth you will get these back online ?

Why you need to be prepared….

Disruptions can lead to lost revenue, brand damage and dissatisfied customers. And, the longer the recovery time, the greater the adverse business impact. Therefore, a IT disaster recovery plan which has been tested should enable rapid recovery from disruptions, regardless of the source of the disruption.

R3vo recommend the following standards to ensure that you have piece of mind over lockdown periods :

IT disaster recovery

· IT disaster recovery plan

· System criticality and recovery objectives

· Testing and Review

· IT disaster recovery plan content

· IT service providers: disaster recovery plan information

· New systems

Business impact assessment

· Business impact assessment evidence

· Business area objectives/priorities

· Information Required

· Review

· IT systems planning

Risk assessment

· Risk assessment evidence

· Risks and exposures

· Categories

· Monitoring

IT resilience

· Data backup

· Systems software backup

· Systems management & infrastructure services

· Network resilience

· IT processing locations/data centers

· Recovery site(s) location(s)

· Primary and secondary site security controls

· Recovery system management

· Recovery capabilities

· Service supplier internal governance

· Service supplier contracts/SLAs

· Single points of failure (SPoFs)

· System performance & capacity review

· Power supplies

· Resilience of other utilities

· System software controls

· Applications software controls

· Data security

· Compute and storage resilience

· People

R3Vo is a leading provider of IT Solutions

Our aim is to plan your IT requirements - 24/7 – 365 days in the year.

If you want to enjoy your Turkey at Christmas and not be disrupted by any IT failure, please contact us for a non-obligation appraisal


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